Metal-core? Punk? Hardcore? Who knows and who cares? Never More than Less is loud, yes, but has the industry experts confused. Signs of this debate, Relentless, their second album, was awarded best punk hardcore album at Quebec's GALA DE LA MUSIQUE 2009, and was also nominated for best metal-hardcore album at GAMIQ 2009. Go figure.

Determined to massively promote their music everywhere, Never More than Less has just released their third full-length album, simply titled The Album. Faster, hookier, with more depth and more intensity than ever before, The Album is by far the best collection of songs the band has offered to date.

Available in stores all across Canada since January 25th, The Album clinched the number one spot in the canadian metal iTunes chart for the week following it's digital release on November 23rd and has also been proclaimed album of the month in February's issue of Summum magazine. Just back from their first european tour in November and December 2010, Never More than Less' goal is to leave its permanent mark on the music scene by hitting the road in North America and Europe in 2011.