The Best Motorcycle Eyewear

motorcycle gear

When it comes to being a motorcycle rider, then it is common to have trouble figuring out what exactly you need to wear. Especially when it comes to eyewear. You want to wear motorcycle gear that not only looks good, but also gives you protection from dust, glare, and the wind.

Sunglasses are a good choice for this, although you’ll want to find a pair that is comfortable and also able to stay on your body despite all the movement you’ll be doing. Having glasses that fly off after a gust of wind or a sharp turn is a major problem! You can use rubber bands or other hooks to help out with keeping them secure, especially if you are on bouncy terrain.

If you don’t want to DIY your sunglasses into motorcycle goggles, consider getting some actual motorcycle goggles. They might be a bit uncomfortable and pinchy at first, but once your skin gets used to them then you can use them with no trouble. You’ll need to find goggles that work with your own needs and sense of style, and it might take a few tries to get comfortable.

But working goggles can provide all the benefits of sunglasses and will often be attached to your head via a band. You should be able to see out of them in a straight line, it both normal conditions as well as sunny ones. If you can’t see clearly or things are too dark then you need a new pair of goggles.

Much like other motorcycle gear, it might take a few tries to ensure that you’ve found the ones that work for you. But once you do, you’ll probably be using those goggles for as long as you can, and they’ll become a staple of your gear collection.