High Visibility Still Needed, Even In Quiet Countryside

Yes, the countryside is a lot quieter than the suburban and urban areas. Also, these days you do not normally find men, women and children trotting along on their mares and colts down busy neighborhood streets and certainly not through your busiest of city traffic lanes. Perhaps the exception to this would be the romantic coach rides through Central Park and other similar landmarks throughout the country.

But that would have to be the exception rather than the rule. Indeed, most of the time, equestrian enthusiasts will be riding their horses through the quiet country-sides not too far away from the urban centers. But no matter what, it would still be a good idea to have high visibility riding wear as part of your regular equestrian attire. And you would usually find that aspects of the horse’s saddle will have been brightly and appropriately colored.

high visibility riding wear

Of course, the main purpose for wearing the highly visible gear will be to keep both horse and rider safe. It may be quiet in the countryside but accidents still happen. One of the causes could be sudden inclement weather. It may also be quite misty at times. Riders will have their cellphones with them while riding. So after the distress call has been made, the search party, with the use of their GPS guidance systems, should be able to easily locate the distressed rider and horse, visibly colored.

Travel back to the cities for a moment and you will always see them wearing high visibility bibs. Here, you are looking at your metropole’s law enforcement officials patrolling parts of the city on horseback. The reasons for them being notably visible in these areas, even if not on horseback, should be obvious enough.