The Uncertain Origins of the Spray Bottle

Everyone uses spray bottles, from spritzing perfumes, soap, medication, water, and other liquids. Most people probably have at least two spray bottles or liquid dispensers in their home. Such a common device must have a great origin story, right? The reason why it became such a great idea and why so many use custom spray bottles?

The spray bottle doesn’t even have a humble origin story to its name, and it barely has one at all. It started out as a bottle that was connected to a rubber bulb that looked like the horn of a bicycle. When the bulb was squeezed, the misty liquid inside was squirted outside to coat an object. But there is no record of how that type of bottle was created or who invented it.

Nevertheless, the idea caught on and after World War Two had ended, the materials the bottle was made out of began to be improved. The bottle evolved from a glass bottle to a plastic one, and this creation spurred the movement from glass spray bottles to plastic ones.

Pulling the trigger

In the 1960s, the bottle would undergo a second change as the bulb nozzle would be replaced with the more familiar trigger. The trigger made it easier on people’s hands if they had to use the bottle for a longer period of time, and the bottle became disposable. Most companies sold the triggers and bottles separately, and it wasn’t until later that the two were sold together as one.

custom spray bottleslogistics of how they work.

Soon people began making environmentally friendly bottles, as well as triggers with different types of nozzles and settings to control how much liquid came out. If you examine a modern spray bottle, you’ll see the logistics of how they work. The trigger has a long hose attached to it, and that hose goes into the bottle. When the trigger is squeezed, the liquid pushes itself up from the bottle and is squirted out of the triggers’ nozzle.

Making custom bottles

Now, many individuals and companies can order their own custom spray bottles, tailoring the bottle to be a certain volume, to spray a certain way, or to require a certain amount of strength to pull the trigger. The shape of the bottle is created by molding the plastic, and several shapes can be created.

These include wide jars, round jars, cylinders, and even square bottles for various liquids. Some shapes might just be for visual appeal, while other shapes might be a design choice by the manufacturer to separate their bottles from the competition. The width of the trigger can also be customized to control how much is sprayed.

While we may never know who started circulating the spray bottle into the world, we can thank that person for starting a creation that has helped many people and exists in almost every single home. Without the spray bottle, cleaning windows, doing the dishes, and spraying perfume would be a whole lot harder to get right.