What Color Roses Should You Send?

Roses are a very special type of flower that almost everyone loves. They’re beautiful and elegant, have a lovely smell, and make a wonderful gift to the special people in your life. But, roses come in assorted colors, each signifying its own meaning. Do you know the meaning of each color rose? Use this handy guide below to help and ensure that you purchase the best roses berkeley for the occasion.


The red rose is the most common color rose sent today. It has a simple message of love and is beautiful and strong in its verse. Red roses are most commonly sent on occasions such as Valentine’s Day, anniversaries, and birthdays but any occasion is good for roses.

White Roses

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White roses are simple, yet still elegant. However, don’t be so quick to purchase a bouquet of white roses. The white rose means ‘a heart unacquainted with love’ and it is commonly sent for spiritual reasons and marriage.

Yellow Roses

If you want to perk up someone’s day, send them a yellow rose or an entire beautiful bouquet. These cheerful roses are happy and send positive vibes to the recipient. They brighten up any room and simply make the mood grand.

Pink Roses

Pink roses symbolize grace and elegance. They’re a great choice for Valentine’s Day, Mother’s Day, and a variety of other occasions when you want her to know what she means to you. The pink rose is exquisite and kind to the heart.

The Bottom Line

Roses come in many more colors aside from those listed above but these colors are the most common. Now that you know what each color means, it should be easier to choose the perfect bouquet for your loved one at the right time.